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Vital Link Transport delivers our community the most efficient ambulance response and superior pre-hospital patient care through excellence in training, the latest equipment, and advanced technology in conjunction with strong leadership, team building, professionalism and continuous quality improvement.


Core Values


Respect: We support the intentional affirmation that all human beings are gifted with life and uniqueness and deserve to be treated with dignity.


Integrity: We create and maintain an atmosphere of trust, honesty, sincerity, and unshakable professional ethics.


Compassion: We support the individualized caring and comforting offered as healthcare providers. We listen with sensitivity to others viewpoints, making every effort to hear rather than to judge, and using tact and diplomacy to resolve conflict.


Professionalism: We accept the challenge and responsibility to maintain the highest standard of excellence in Emergency Medical Services. We continually strive to determine and meet the needs of those we serve and measure our performance.


Patients requiring Basic Life Support inter-facility transportation needs can call upon Vital Link Transport for service. We provide transportation from a patient's residence to medical facilities and hospitals and from hospitals and medical facilities to home. Vital Link Transport is committed to a 30-minute or less response time for inter-facility transportation. Telephone: 404-500-1039



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