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Vital Link Transport provides Metro Atlanta as well as surrounding communities with superior non-emergency ambulance transport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Ambulance Services


Non-Emergency Transportation
This would include non-emergency medical transport

from home, extended care facility or nursing home to the

nearest hospital; post-hospital discharge non-emergency

medical transport to extended care facility, nursing home,

or patient's home; non-emergency medical transport to

dialysis, chemo, radiology treatments for those that

qualify. Each patient needs a Certificate of Medical

Necessity in order to qualify for a non-emergency

transport by ambulance. The following would categorize

what is needed to qualify for a non-emergency ambulance


  • The patient is bed confined; or

    • The patient must not be able to get out of bed with or without assistance;or

    • The patient must not be able to walk; or

    • The patient must not be able to sit in a chair, including a wheelchair; or

  • The patient had to remain immobile because of a fracture that had not been set or the possibility of a fracture (e.g., hip fracture); or

  • The patient is in a body cast; or

  • The patient has signs and symptoms of severe pain or distress or a medical condition or conditions that would be exacerbated by transport other than ambulance; or

  • The patient must remain in a supine position; or

  • The patient must be removed by stretcher because of a specific physical condition or limitation.

  • IV meds/fluids required

  • Special handling/isolation required

  • Third party assistance oxygen dependent

  • Patient is confused, combative, lethargic, or comatose

  • Require special handling during transport

  • Unable to maintain erect sitting position in a chair for time needed to transport

  • Unable to sit in a chair or wheelchair for duration of transport

  • Grade II or greater decubitus ulcers

  • Morbid obesity requires additional personnel equipment to safely handle patient

  • Dementia| Alzheimer's Disease| Altered LOC




Providing Service to the following Caregiving Facilities:


  • Diagnostic Treatment

  • Dialysis Centers

  • Physician Appointments

  • Nursing Homes

  • Assisted Living Centers

  • Home to Hospital

  • Long Term Care Facilities

  • Outpatient Care




Event Medical

Emergency Healthcare Professionals Available during Events

From high school activities to major sporting events,

music festivals, inaugurations marathons and concerts,

we are ready to send an ambulance crew or an individual

Paramedic or EMT to your event.


  •  Racing Events

  •  Inaugurations

  •  Concerts

  •  Marathons

  •  Music festivals

  •  Tennis Matches

  •  Golf Tournaments

  •  Football Games

  •  Outdoor Events





Additional Services

Vital Link Transport offers a diverse range of services. We are proud to provide high quality service as listed below.  

Quality Transportation For:

• Dialysis

• Radiation Treatments

• Hospital/Nursing Home Discharges

• Nursing Facility Transport

• Hospice

• Medical Office Visits





Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.

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