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Vital Link Transport Hosts a FREE Blood Pressure Drive

Vital Link Transport hosted their very first FREE Blood Pressure Drive. It went absolutely phenomenal! Vital Link Transport, did not only take the residents blood pressure for free, but they also had a variety of goodies, including goodie bags, food, drinks, wristbands, and free health care advice for anybody who had questions or concerns about their health. Free medical advice? Well, you can’t beat that! 😊 This event was hosted at their main office location in Forest Park, Georgia.

Mrs. Michelle, a resident that dropped by that day mentioned, "This was such a nice, relaxing, and quick event that was much needed in the community." She proceeded on to say, "I have not had my blood pressure checked in years. So thank you all so much. I needed that." Ms. Michelle was only one resident out of about 50 residents who came by the free blood pressure drive.

Everyone truly seemed happy. They appreciated that the event was free and how quick & easy it was to get their blood pressure checked. Even though some residents were not able to get out of their cars due to health reasons, Vital Link Transport team still accommodated the best way they could. Those residents still got their blood pressure checked in the car! WOW! Go #GreenTeam!

Vital Link Transport truly cares about their community and plans to host another FREE BLOOD PRESSURE DRIVE soon. Thank you to all who came out and to those constantly supports the company!

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